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Smart Monitoring System


Brief Explanation

Any mechanical parts require certain maintenance like lubrication, alignment, adjustment and/or wared part change. Preventive maintenance according to statistical data is not always easy task, since every system has different kind of usage and condition. ELMEC Smart Monitoring System will measure vibration of rotating or sliding parts of various system like conveyor, lift, automatic vehicle, wind turbine, alternator and any other motor driven parts. Measured waveforms by the accelerometer which is mounted to most sensitive part of mechanical system will be recorded in PC. Software learn profiles waveforms as “Normal” and generate “Abnormal” alarm if waveform differ from “Normal”. The profile become more accurate after enough learning time. The system can send alarm as e-mail and/or to smartphone to operator. Operator can listen the sound and judge to take further action or to ignore. This operator’s decision will be taken in account to the system.

Sensory test can be replaced by ELMEC NVH*1 System up to 99%.

Good maintenance engineers listen sound of machine, so called “sensory test”.
ELMEC is a specialized company for NVH system since 1970. We know how to replace good inspectors ear into PC system. We don’t just compare amplitude of some frequency. We use several kinds of analytic algorithms like, 3 octave judgement FFT*2, tracking FFT and Wavelet analysis. Combination of these software tools can simulate an expert’s ear. If your Sensory test expert can detect, ELMEC system can detect too. And ELMEC system can work 24/7 if it requires.

*1 NVH: Noise, Vibration and Harshness
*2 FFT: Fast Fourie Transform

We don’t leave our customer alone!

ELMEC will develop system together with engineer of user and give all needed assistance until the system runs as it shall be. We don’t sell system and leave user alone.

Market available equipment can’t be used.

ELMEC NVH system is unlikely to the market available Noise and Vibration Detecting Equipment those have single methodology to detect defect. They are mostly designed for mass production of parts. They can’t be applied for maintenance purpose easily, mostly impossible.

Trend viewer shows change in long time.

Depend on the system, ELMEC applies “Trend Viewer” to detect change in longer time frame like hours, days, weeks even months. ELMEC system measure under certain condition for few seconds to 10th of seconds time for some minuets or hour. Processed signal will be plotted as a dot and contour of dot represents as a line. This lapsed presentation can show longer time frame in a small display. A threshold can be set and an alarm can be generated if the line goes beyond the threshold.


Light, Heavy and Fatal Alarm can be set separately.

After we learned the system behavior, we can set thresholds with different levels with light, heavy and fatal alarms separately.

Alarm signals can be sent to PC, PLC or Smart Phone.

Generated signal can be sent to PC, PLC for control purpose or to smart phone of operator intendedly. All alarms are logged on alarm log with time stamp.


Operator can listen the noise with sound from speaker.

Just a click of the recorded wave form the sound of the wave form will be played from speaker. The operator can sit in the operators console and listen sound or remote venue where he/she likes to listen.


The remote supervision is possible even over sea.

The production line can be very remote of the country or even over sea.

Example of System

No. Quantity Component Explanation
1 1set NVH Permanent Monitoring System Software
2 1unit ELMEC ADC i.e. EC-2320USB Must be ELMEC made
3 1unit DI/DO USB interface To communicate with PLC
4 1unit Industrial PC indows 10 IoT
5 1set Charge Amplifier Charge Amplifier for Accelerometers
6 1set Accelerometer To detect Vibration (Sound)

Applicable Target

  • Heavy Bulk Transporting Conveyor
  • Belt conveyor in production line
  • Chain conveyor in production line
  • Self-propelled truck system
  • Logistic system in airport
  • Elevator
  • Escalator
  • Rope Way, Cable car, Ski lift
  • Wind Turbine
  • Small scale Hydropower plant
  • Axially machines in Power Plant
  • Main Spindle and Feed Drive of Machine tool
  • Automatic Vehicle

All technical data subject to change without notice.

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