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NVH(Noise, Vibration, Harshness)

Sound and Vibration Analysis-Judgement System

If you are inspecting rotating or sliding part by sensory test, ELMEC system can mostly (90%) replace it in reasonable price.

Your inspector knows through hearing of strange sound of the rotating or sliding of parts and detect NG part based on his/her experience. ELMEC system measures vibration by accelerometer attached to particular part. The electrical signal from the accelerometer is conducted to ADC(Analogue Digital Converter) and feeds to PC as digital information. ELMEC software analyzes and judges instantly. As well experienced measuring and analysis expert ELMEC has many alternatives of analytic software tools like FFT(Fast Fourier Transformation), 3 Octave Analysis, Wavelet analysis and more and we choose most suitable method for you.

The key to success for automatization of inspection is price/performance since asset for inspection is limited. We have to know how accurate it must be ( how many % of NG have to be rejected?), how long we can test( how many seconds per product = production through put ), how much can we invest etc. It’s a matter of trade off. ELMEC engineer will discuss with customer to seek real needs to avoid unnecessary investment. Most of ELMEC customer came to us for repeated project. It is most thankful and bliss of time for us.