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元 昭和大学藤が丘病院 循環器内科 准教授 堤先生 が論文を発表されました

元 昭和大学藤が丘病院 循環器内科 准教授 堤先生の論文がHeart Rhythm( IP:4.7)に掲載されました。

特にこの論文ではCWTにおける高周波成分解析のmother waveletに
Morlet functionを使った理由が記述されています。

Time-frequency analysis
The continuous wavelet transform (CWT) was applied to
the time-frequency analysis of the ECG signal. The timefrequency
powers using CWT were calculated using a
method reported in previous studies.12,13 In the present
study, commercial PC software developed by our group
(BIOMAS for Wavelet, version 3.0, Elmec Co. Ltd., Tokyo,
Japan) was used to measure WT-ECG signals. The timefrequency
powers during QRS complex in a range from 5 to
300 Hz were calculated by CWT with 40 scale bands. The
Morlet function was applied to measure WT-ECG signals in
this study because it was fitted to analyze the target frequency
of this study. In contrast, if the Gabor function was
applied, the oscillatory CWT-ECG signals similar to the
chirp oscillation were mixed at high-frequency ranges,
which might be related to the width of the original mother
wavelet in this software.

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